60s Costume Ideas for 60s Retro Theme Parties

Costume parties are a blast to throw as well as to attend. There are so many options as to how to be creative with your attire. I think its good to have a theme so that your attendees have a selection to pick from and do not get lost in the massive world of costume options.

My personal favorite is the 60s costumes theme because it is an era with so much variety and color as well as style and character.

If you are going throw a 60s costume party then it is good to have some selections and ideas for your guests if they need some help. When most people think of the sixties their mind goes directly to hippies and events such as Woodstock. So hippies are and obvious choice, but you can even expand on that a bit.

You can choose certain hippie personalities such as cheech and chong or maybe even people that were big during the hippie movement, like the Beatles. If you concentrate on the hippie costumes then be sure to use bright colors with retro patterns. Those patterns could consist of flowers, tie dye or kaleidoscope circles.

andannas and headbands are a good addition and be sure not to forget to put a peace sign on some section of your attire. If you want to go all out then a wig may be a good idea, long straight hair for both men and women was the standard for the sixties hippie.

Sixties was also a time of beatniks. The beatniks could be represented by a poets hat perhaps and more conservative dress, and by conservative I mean, less shocking and bright. A beatnik could sport a go tee as well as well as a book of poetry perhaps.

Throwing a party with 60s costumes can be a whole lot of fun and your guests will have the opportunity to be extremely creative. It doesn't cost a ton of money because these costumes can be easily put together or they can be bought online for great deals.

A person can get very detailed using everything from big jewelry to wigs or facial hair, or they can do something simple such as a vintage looking high thigh dress with go-go boots. As you can see it is doable for just about anyone and good costumes mixed with a fun sixties theme guarantee you a quality and fun get together.

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