60s Fashion from Hippie to Mod

The 1960's was a turbulent time in the United States. There was a lot of conflict in the area of political and social unrest. What is interesting about the 1960's is that there was a wide variety of fashion styles that were popular during this decade.

When most people think of 60s fashion, they think of hippie clothing and bell bottoms, but there was so much more going on with clothing styles during that decade that is worthy of noting.

As mentioned earlier, there was a huge hippie movement that was very popular especially among the politically active. They were rebelling against the establishment and they expressed that through their clothing and rebelled the mainstream 60s fashion styles as well.

It was very common to see men and women is hippie styles that included bell bottoms, relaxed and baggie tops, floral designs, earthy styled jewelry and hair decor, blue jeans, tie-dyed shirts, or even leather and beading. There was a wide variety, but most college students opted for the jeans and tee shirt. Many people tie-dyed their clothing as well.

The other more mainstream 60s fashion was the "Mod Fashions." It was a very colorful, tailored style that also showed lots of leg. Mod fashion was a must for the in-crowd. When we think of the 1960's we commonly think of mini-skirts and bell bottoms and for good reason. Those are two fashion styles that have endured for decades.

Of course, they have had their periods of being in-style and out of style, but they keep returning again and again. There was nothing better to wear with the mini-skirt than a great pair of boots. Wearing boots was a hot trend during this decade.

It must be mentioned that a huge influence in 60s fashion came from London with the Beatles. Until 1964, most of the fashion was a continuation of 1950's fashion. Then, with the Beatles came the "Swinging London" styles.

It was similar to Mod fashions, but not quite as tailored. One thing is for sure, and that is the mini-skirt was a major player in Swinging London styles. It was very colorful, clothing had floral or striped patterns, belts, and high fashion jewelry were a big part of this style.

As you can see, there was a huge variety of clothing styles from the 1960's. Your clothes represented more than just your sense of style. It often represented your political beliefs as well. styles from the 1960s are easy to recognize and continue to be popular in both our everyday fashions and in costume apparel as well.

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60s Costume Ideas for 60s Retro Theme Parties

Costume parties are a blast to throw as well as to attend. There are so many options as to how to be creative with your attire. I think its good to have a theme so that your attendees have a selection to pick from and do not get lost in the massive world of costume options.

My personal favorite is the 60s costumes theme because it is an era with so much variety and color as well as style and character.

If you are going throw a 60s costume party then it is good to have some selections and ideas for your guests if they need some help. When most people think of the sixties their mind goes directly to hippies and events such as Woodstock. So hippies are and obvious choice, but you can even expand on that a bit.

You can choose certain hippie personalities such as cheech and chong or maybe even people that were big during the hippie movement, like the Beatles. If you concentrate on the hippie costumes then be sure to use bright colors with retro patterns. Those patterns could consist of flowers, tie dye or kaleidoscope circles.

andannas and headbands are a good addition and be sure not to forget to put a peace sign on some section of your attire. If you want to go all out then a wig may be a good idea, long straight hair for both men and women was the standard for the sixties hippie.

Sixties was also a time of beatniks. The beatniks could be represented by a poets hat perhaps and more conservative dress, and by conservative I mean, less shocking and bright. A beatnik could sport a go tee as well as well as a book of poetry perhaps.

Throwing a party with 60s costumes can be a whole lot of fun and your guests will have the opportunity to be extremely creative. It doesn't cost a ton of money because these costumes can be easily put together or they can be bought online for great deals.

A person can get very detailed using everything from big jewelry to wigs or facial hair, or they can do something simple such as a vintage looking high thigh dress with go-go boots. As you can see it is doable for just about anyone and good costumes mixed with a fun sixties theme guarantee you a quality and fun get together.

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I Dream of Jeannie – 60s TV series 1965-1970

I Dream of Jeannie is another wonderful 70s tv show. Many full episodes of this creative television sitcom are available online and in it is still syndicated over thirty years later on networks like TV Land and many others.

Don't miss the laughs with Tony, Roger, Jeannie and the other funny characters like Jeannie's sister, Haji, Colonel Bellow and more. And, come on Tony, just let her use her powers already!

There were a total of 139 episodes in this 60s TV Series offering many hours of laughs and entertainment. The 30 episodes in the first season appeared in black and white and the remaining 109 episodes were in color.

The show was written, produced and created by Sidney Sheldon. The show went into production in December, 1964. Since the show started in the early 1960s, the fashions tended to be pretty consistent throughout the shows and everyone has a 60s style that define the era, like the short sleeved dress shirts and short hair cuts for the men and beehive and bob hairstyles for the women.

The music is also, often a groovy mix of jazz, pop and surf music. For example, catch Roger at a swinging singles party.

The episodes of the this show available to view on the internet are currently somewhat hit and miss. Hulu.Com has numerous episodes from seasons two and three and you'll aslo find full episodes of I Dream of Jeanie on TV.Com.

Enjoy this classic episode from 1967 Courtesy od Hulu.Com and Sony Studios.

So, who really is hotter? Jeannie or Samantha?

Cast -

Barbara Eden as Jeannie
Larry Hagman Major Anthony as Major "Tony" Nelson
Bill Daily as Major Roger Healey

I Dream of Jeannie 60s TV Show

1965 I Dream of Jeannie

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Bewitched 1964 TV Series One of the Best Ever

Samantha and Darrin get married circa 1964.  Bewitched is one of the most well-written and wholesomely funny Television shows from the 1960's.

Thanks to Hulu.Com we can watch the early classic episodes of this series online.  Great 60s big band music and 60s styles in this show.
Check out the first episode of Bewitched here and then watch more at Hulu.Com-
Bewitched 1964

I, Darrin,Take This Witch Samantha
Season 1 : Ep. 1 |25:33 |
Samantha and Darrin appear to be an ideally matched couple. Very much in love, they decide to marry. Darrin doesn't know that Samantha, is, of all things, a witch.

In every way, Samantha and Darrin Stephens are a perfectly normal, all-American couple, except for one small detail...Samantha's a witch!

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